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Welcome Job Seeker

Why Work for Us

At SCI, we’re focused on you and your professional success and growth. We are here to change your life with a new path to a career!!!

We seek the best fit for your skills, interests, schedules and financial needs. SCI has a large network of top relationships with large and small companies that look for the talent and skills that you can provide.

SCI is here to help you build a new path in your life.

Why you want to be teamed up with SCI: 

Competitive pay

Referral Programs

The best opportunities

No fee in representing you

Access to growth opportunities to gain additional or new experience

When you choose to sign on with SCI you will enjoy the many benefits provided by us. Take control of your life and YOU can choose the type of services you are most interested in, such as:

Temporary or Contract Positions

Choose from short term, long term, or full-time assignments. This makes you in control of your new path in life.

Temporary to Permanent Conversions

This will allow you and the client to test the waters for each other prior to making a long term professional commitment. This option allows you to be in control of the opportunity to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Permanent Placement

Our agents will search in finding permanent positions for you and provide you with opportunities that may not be open to the public, as we have exclusive opportunities that other Firms are not aware of. This is the reason we are rated the sharpest direct placement firm.


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