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Medical Connection

The Non-Clinical Staffing Specialists

Staffing Connection Inc.


Medical Connection at SCI

Medical Connection has operated in the healthcare staffing industry for over 25 years. We know what it takes to be a trusted staffing partner. We are working with the top healthcare systems, private practices, and specialty facilities in the country to be their solution for non-clinical staffing. This why the largest nationwide healthcare staffing firms use us. From business administration to facility services, Medical Connection has qualified associates ready for the call. 

Hospital Admin​

Patient Coordinators

Customer Service
PBX Operators
ADA Specialist

& many more

Business Professionals


Financial Analysists
Human Resources
Strategic Analysts 

& many more

IT Specialists

EPIC Specialist

IT Project Manager

IT Support Technician


Software Engineer

& many more

Facility Services




Food Service


& many more

Committed to Finding the Right Fit

Other agencies can not afford to take the time required to properly screen non-clinical candidates.

We've helped developed a 3 step system that has led to our higher retention rates.

Can Do

Can the candidate do the job?

Based on the candidates resume, do they posses the skills and knowledge to perform the job?

Will Do

Will the candidate do the job?

Conducting an interview with the candidate to find out what their motivation is for this career change.

Will Fit

Is the candidate a good fit?

Understanding the client's culture and the candidates values to ensure the best person is submitted for the position.

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